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Some say skincare can’t do magic, but we beg to differ. These pre-moistened eye patches contain a combination of ingredients that work together to strengthen, hydrate, tighten and overall improve skin’s texture in just 15-20 minutes. These individually wrapped, saturated sheet masks come in sets of 3 and make the perfect pre-event or post-event pick me up, giving you an instantly brighter, more youthful appearance. We love the portability of these masks, especially during long-haul travel—just apply, wait the allotted time, and discard when finished. (1 box contains 3 individually wrapped sachets. Each sachet contains 1 pair. Not sold individually) Sodium Hyaluronate replenishes lost hydration & allows moisture to penetrate skin.

Citric acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) promotes skin peeling & regrowth for stronger, more resilient skin
Hydrogenated Castor Oil moisturizes & soothes skin
Saxifrage Extract delivers antioxidant & pore-tightening properties & increases skin density
Formulated without parabens & gluten

Instant Eye Lift Mask (1 box contains 3 individually wrapped sachets)

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